The most common language of Bangalore is Kannad. Know more about the languages spoken in Bangalore/ Bengalooru, India.

Bangalore Languages

Languages Spoken in BangaloreBangalore languages comprise of all the languages spoken in the state of Karnataka. The language spoken by the majority of Bangaloreans is Kannad. Apart from Kannad and other regional languages, English is also quite widely spoken in the city. In the following lines, we have provided a list of the major languages spoken in Bengalooru, India.

The most common language in Bangalore is Kannad. The majority of the population of the city converses in Kannad. It belongs to the Dravidian family of languages and is the official language of the state of Karnataka.

A significant number of people in Bangalore speak English. Infact, almost all the younger generation of the city speaks English.

The official language of Andhra Pradesh, Telugu is widely spoken in Bangalore also.

Also belonging to the Dravidian language family, Tamil is spoken by a sizeable population in the city.

The national language of India, Hindi is spoken in Bangalore also. However, the proportion of the population speaking Hindi is quite small.