Bangalore culture represents the cosmopolitan outlook of its people. Know about the cultural heritage of Bengalooru, India.

Bangalore Culture

The city of Bangalore has beautifully combined its rich cultural heritage with its technological and industrial accomplishments. Infact, this blend of traditions with the modern culture has made Bangalore one of the most happening cities in India. If on one side, the city is acquiring the status of the IT Capital, on the other, there is a revival of age-old traditional art forms. The fusion of the old and the new can be seen in every aspect of Bangalore culture, right from its theatre to its arts and crafts.

The synthesis of many cultures has given the city a cosmopolitan character, seen in few other cities of India. In this section, we have covered the following aspects related to the cultural heritage of Bengalooru, India.

Arts and Crafts
The elite bungalows and impressive palaces of Bangalore stand testimony to the beautiful arts and crafts of the city. The interiors of these edifices stand adorned with arts and crafts, which have beauty beyond description. Right from wood to metal to stone, almost all types of arts and crafts can be seen in Bangalore.

The city of Bangalore has quite an interesting history attached to it. Right from its name to its becoming the IT Capital of India, each stage in the history of Bangalore is worth mentioning.

Bangalore languages comprise of all the languages spoken in the state of Karnataka. The language spoken by the majority of Bangaloreans is Kannad. Apart from Kannad and other regional languages, English is also quite widely spoken in the city.

Bangalore, the fastest growing city of India, comprises of a dynamic blend of people, belonging to various religions, castes and communities. With the introduction of information technology in the city, it has assumed an international character. IT professionals not only from the various parts of India, but also that of the world, are migrating to the city.

One of the major religions of Bangalore is Hinduism. Apart from that, a number of other religions are also practiced in the city, although the proportion is not too large. However, with time, and because of the large influx of working professionals from other parts of India as well as abroad, Bangalore is becoming like a melting pot of various religions.