St. Marks Cathedral is situated on the M.G. Road in Bangalore. Know about Saint Mark's Cathedral of Bangalore, India.

St. Marks Cathedral Bangalore

Location: M.G. Road

St. Marks Cathedral BangaloreSt. Marks Cathedral is situated on the busy M.G. Road of Bangalore. The foundation of this cathedral was laid down in the year 1808 and the construction work was completed in 1812. However, it was only in 1816 that St. Marks Cathedral got consecrated by the Bishop of Calcutta. The cathedral was first expanded in the year 1901 and then reconstructed in 1927. The architecture of St. Marks Cathedral is inspired, to quite an extent, by the 17th century St Paul's Cathedral.

Built in the colonial style of architecture, it stands adorned with a semicircular chancel, having a huge, magnificent dome. The Roman arches embellishing the walls of the cathedral add to its splendor. Saint Mark's Cathedral boasts of having one of the best-maintained external bells amongst all the churches in the Bangalore city of India. The exquisite woodwork as well as the intricate carving merges beautifully with its elegant ceilings and domes. Even the stained glasswork of the cathedral adds to its beauty.