This article tells about Bangalore public transport. Check out Bangalore local transportation/transport.

Bangalore Public Transport

Bangalore Public TransportIf you are planning to go to Bangalore by air, by train or by bus, it is better to know about the public transport available in the city beforehand. The public transport in the city ranges from the reasonable buses to the much expensive taxis. However, the most common mode of local transportation in Bangalore comprises of the auto rickshaws. Read on this article to explore Bangalore local transport further.

Auto Rickshaws
The main mode of local transport in Bangalore comprises of the auto rickshaws. Always insist on going by the meter and do not pay even a rupee extra than the amount being displayed in the meter. In case, the meter is not working, fix the fare in advance.

One can also hire a taxi for commuting within the city. However, taxis tend to be very expensive and are advisable only if the group is large. In case of taxis also, either go by the meter or fix the fare in advance.

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) runs bus services for traveling within the city. A number of private operators also ply buses in the city.