This article is intended to provide some tips for handling Bangalore tourist guides. Read about tourist guides in Bangalore, India.

Bangalore Tourist Guides

If you are visiting any tourist place for the first time, be it Bangalore or any other place, it is always a good idea to hire tourist guides. Before hiring any tourist guide in the Bangalore city of India, you need to follow some guidelines or tips. This is to make sure that you are given good services and do not end up getting tricked. Given below are a number of tips for handling Bangalore guides.
  • It is always advisable to hire authorized tourist guides, who are registered with the government. Tourist guides referred by the hotel authorities are another good option.
  • Do not get too friendly with the guides and please do not discuss personal details with them. They may try to take advantage of your friendliness.
  • Give a reasonable tip to the tourist guide you have hired in Bangalore. Giving too much money as a tip can create problems for you.
  • Always fix the service fee in advance. Also remember that it does not hurt to bargain a little with the tourist guides.
  • Never take out too much cash or other valuable items in front of the guide. It will be like inviting trouble for yourself.
  • Always try to find out a little about the tourist place you are going to visit in advance. This will ensure that the tourist guide does not make a fool out of you.