The article is on electricity and voltage situation in Bangalore. Know about the electric current in Bangalore.

Voltage in Bangalore

Voltage in BangaloreThe electricity situation in Bangalore is quite good, within the minimum power outages taking place. The voltage centers around 240 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. In case, you are carrying any electric equipment that is not compatible with the voltage in Bangalore, it is advisable to carry a voltage converter with you. You can get voltage converters, for adjusting the electric current, in Bangalore also. Basically, three types of voltage converters are used here, resistor-network converters, transformers and combination converters.

Resistor-network converters support 50-1600 Watts and are usually used for high-wattage electrical appliances. Transformers support 50-100 Watts and are the best for low wattage appliances. Combination converters are, as the name suggests, a combination of the two. You also need to take care of the types of plugs that your electrical appliances have. In India, sockets are made for only two types of plugs, either those with two round pins or those with three round pins, arranged in a triangle. In case of any other type of plug, carry a plug adapter with you.