Given here is information on what to wear or how to dress up in Bangalore. Read about the clothes to wear in Bangalore.

What to Wear in Bangalore

Clothes to Wear in BangaloreBangalore is a cosmopolitan city, with no dress codes as such. Indian salwar-kameez is worn with as much as élan as any western wear. Mostly, you will find Bangaloreans being dressed up as per the weather conditions in the city. The main determinant of 'what to wear' in Bangalore is the temperature. When it is hot you will find people in cut sleeves and skirts. During winters, woolens are the norm. Read on further to know 'how to dress up' in Bangalore.

If you are going there in winters, pack some woolens with you. In case of summers, keep all your cut sleeve tops, skirts, cotton trousers, etc, with you. Bangaloreans also adhere to the fashion diktats. However, it is advisable not to wear clothes that are too revealing. Remember that India is a conservative country and wearing clothes that expose too much skin may create problems for you. Apart from that, there are no restrictions on the type of clothes to wear in Bangalore.